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Moi About Me
Leonard silk tie

I have a nice collection of comics which grows by numbers when I fall in love with a great design or a good story.
If you share this passion, I invite you to click on the following links
You will find, strips, references, catalogues...what else?

Silk Ties

Silk ties are another passion of mine. I own about 250 of them which I wear according to my mood and clothes.
My very favorites: some "Couture" Léonard cut straight from the fabrics, excentric art painting, with vivid or pastel colors - the quintescence of luxury!

Cooking and Food

Eating or being eaten...that's the meaning of life! (hmmm sort of...)
I equally love to taste or cook, try new experiments or experience new flavours, new techniques and exotic tastes, discover new products from all around the world
It's probably right to say that I'm into fooding (slow rather than fast)

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