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What I've done

Réalisations About my work

Some conferences amongst others - such good memories

  • My first international conference in testing @ EuroStar99 Barcelona - with D Graham attending (memories)
  • What's wrong with my metrics? (in FRENCH - best presentation JFTL - Journée Française des Tests Logiciels 2010)
  • Myths and Legends of Testing - Eurostar 2002 - where and when the ISTQB began
  • SPiCe in Lisbon 2004, on requirements management
  • Another contribution to the JFTL on a-risk-based approach
  • Who killed MyProd? I replayed this reflexion about the IT roles several times in many places and for many people
  • Outsourcing (in French) for RSI Lille - or how to approach the outsourcing of your test services
  • Please Give me a pound of system tests...  An article about metrics, written for Dasia congress in Prague and still hosted by the University of Harvard!
  • With Eric Riou du Cosquer for the JFIE (Journée Française de l'Ingénierie des Exigences) - (in FRENCH)
  • Not forgetting Brussels, San Francisco, Nice, Bonn, Scheveningen, Rotterdam, Dublin, Noordwijk, Geneva, Lviv, Hanoï, Ho-Chi-Minh, Capetown and Johanesburg

Talking about me...

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